IES Youth in Advocacy Programme

The IES seeks to empower the young people to ensure they participate in governance, participate in sustainability and related activities, and to enable them find decent and fulfilling jobs in the energy and natural resources sectors in Ghana and globally. The IES believes in fostering young talent and providing them with practical experience will empower them to champion energy transition through advocacy of the critical sectors of energy and natural resources.

To arrive at this goal, the institute is engaging young people between 18-35 years of age, who are students or recent graduates from tertiary institutions through internship training program designed for a period of 8 weeks, targeting individuals interested in the energy sector and passionate about advocating for sustainable energy practices and effective governance of natural resources.

Program Objectives includes:

  • Provide interns with a comprehensive understanding of energy sector, the dynamics, challenges, and prospects within the space.

  • Enhance interns' knowledge of natural resource governance principles and practices.

  • Develop interns' advocacy skills to effectively promote sustainable energy practices.

  • Provide practical exposure and hands-on experience through involvement in ongoing research and projects.

  • Facilitate networking opportunities and mentorship from experienced professionals in the field.