About IES

The Institute for Energy Security (IES) is a not-for-profit organization which focus on the nexus between energy demand and energy supply. It sets the platform for research and publication, debates, discussions, conferences, consultancy, policy advocacy, training ― as a conduit to reinforce the global energy systems. The think-tank explore these and other related avenues to provide insight into the role of technology, policy, economics, politics, and regulations in the performance and security of energy supply.

IES’ studies span the local and global energy landscape, and covers the fields of energy production, distribution, marketing, and consumption. It advances the energy security objective through efficiency, sustainability, technology, and diversification propagation. IES highly recognizes the potentials of the sustainable energy nexus – linking energy to water, food, health, human-right, and the environment. The institute seeks to discuss, develop, and disseminate information, plans and policies to address green-house gas emission by directing attention to new, affordable, and cleaner energy forms to tackle global climate change.

Independently, and in collaboration with governments, industry, academia, consumers, energy professionals and experts, donors, and the business community; the Institute for Energy Security provides data-driven analysis of issues that influence both local and global energy market. Economic modelling and forecasting, market intelligence, situational and trend analysis, and the continued focus on emerging technology, regulations, and policies reinforce the institute as a vital resource for consumers, governments, academia, professionals, experts, donors, businesses, advocacy groups, and the energy industry as a whole.

Our Vision

To become the preferred body that research and advocate on energy security, and that which develops and deliver top-notch data, skills, knowledge, and good practices for the global energy industry.

Our Mission

To lead the discussion on the issue of energy security, and propagate the linkage of energy to food, water, health, human rights, and the environment.

Core Value

Integrity: Working with professionalism and honesty, and honoring our commitments. Excellence: Committed to being the best team, and delivering the best service. Sustainability: Committed to ensuring sustainable energy nexus.