TThe Institute for Energy Security believe the world deserves a robust economy, fueled by available, affordable and reliable energy sources. That is why we conduct both qualitative and quantitative research on the entire value chain within the global energy market; aimed at providing the most effective and efficient solutions to today’s global energy and environmental challenges, promoting the energy security policies that will unleash the vast potential of global energy resources.

IES’ studies span the local and global energy landscape, and covers the fields of energy production, distribution, marketing, and consumption. The institute places high the potentials of the sustainable energy nexus in its research.

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The Institute for Energy Security provides detailed, accurate, and timely energy data in varied formats to assist policy makers, analysts, academics, the public, donors, advocacy groups, industry and businesses to make informed decisions.

Data-driven analysis of issues that influence both local and global energy market, economic modelling and forecasting, market intelligence, situational and trend analysis, and the continued focus on emerging technology, regulations, and policies reinforce the institute as a vital resource for a broad range of interest groups.

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The IES place a special emphasis on forging healthy and creative partnership with donor agencies, industry, researchers, academia, scientists, technology developers, funding agencies, planners and policy makers working in the areas of energy production, distribution, management, conservation, systems, regulation, financing, technologies and applications, to study the impact on the environment and sustainable development.

The institute’s partnership with these bodies for innovative and collaborative energy research and data-mining to accelerate energy system balance, transform local and global economies, and advance affordable and clean energy solutions.


IES research is 100 percent privately funded by global concerned citizens like you who care about global energy security and the potentials of sustainable energy future, and we require your support to advocate for these.

As a non-profit energy think-tank we would like to maintain an independent posture. We therefore accept no government funding or endowments. Instead, we rely on your generosity. Please make your very best contribution today using this secure donation form attached.

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