The Institute for Energy Security (IES) membership is a community for leaders, industry leaders, graduates, experts, policy-makers, and professionals in the field of energy and allied sectors, who are working to advance the energy profession and re-inforce the global energy systems.

The IES membership platform aims to facilitate communication between the people who can best advance energy security, and propagate the linkage of energy to food, water, health, human right, and the environment. Aside setting the platform for debates, discussions, conferences, consultancy, policy advocacy, and learning; the benefits to derive from IES membership are numerous: "Membership Benefits"

IES welcomes you to join a group of influencers with diverse background, working collaboratively to deal with the global challenge of energy security. The platform accepts not only energy experts, but also persons working with technologies that can help address the global challenges within the energy space.

In addition, IES welcome journalists, engineers, lawyers, activists, bankers, marketers, graduates, politicians, investors, partners, and many others who align with the vision and mission of the organization.

IES membership is divided into three categories:

  • Professional Members (ProIES) are persons with extensive experience working in the field of energy and allied sectors, in different capacities.Become a Professional Memeber or Nominate Someone
  • Honorary Membership (HonIES) is awarded to persons who have rendered acknowledged eminent contribution to energy, science, research, industry, and other endeavors allied with and beneficial to the global energy body.Become an Honorary Memeber or Nominate Someone
  • Fellowship (FelIES) is awarded to leaders and influencers in the field of energy, thus professionals who play a vital role in advancing the energy profession.Become an IES Fellow or Nominate Someone